[WPC] Evanescent

Evanescent As a thought, as an idea, as a belief Evanescent As a cloud, as the sun, as the sea Evanescent As a memory, as perception, as a feeling To see more responses to this Daily Press Photo Challenge: Evanescent.

[WPC] Heritage

Between all the words we created, the one most holding us responsible for our actions and words is "heritage". Our actions and words are our own, meaning that the moment we grow up, we are responsible for them. We may not foresee a reaction, but we know that every reaction comes after our action and … Continue reading [WPC] Heritage

[WPC] Reflecting

  Reflecting: gerund or present participle of the verb "reflect". Most used "reflect" meaning is "something throws back something else without absorbing it" As water, as glass, as mirror which look at things as they are reflecting an image which is mostly as clear as the origin without additions. Which I find very appropriate as definition … Continue reading [WPC] Reflecting

As temporary as a cloud

What does it mean temporary? "..effective for a time only; not permanent.." (definition from Dictionary.com) Existing in a defined time space. Not eternal. I often associate the word "temporary" to the "cloud" image.  What is a cloud? "..a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the atmosphere.." (definition from Dictionary.com)  Why cloud? Basically cloud is the name … Continue reading As temporary as a cloud

[WPC] Danger!

Meditation is one of the most dangerous thing in the world! If you're smart, you'll keep yourself at due distance from it! It is completely free, so it can be reached by almost anyone. It requires no equipment, so it can be reached by almost anyone. It requires no particular skill to begin with, so it can be reached … Continue reading [WPC] Danger!