[WPC] Heritage

Between all the words we created, the one most holding us responsible for our actions and words is “heritage“.

Our actions and words are our own, meaning that the moment we grow up, we are responsible for them. We may not foresee a reaction, but we know that every reaction comes after our action and the other way around.

This is our heritage. To me that’s what every one of us will leave behind.

I think this does not suppose to live with a sense of heaviness, but just a perception of “awareness“.

The heritage we as human being share today is the result of every action and word which our ancestors left behind for us.

We can relish an incredible heritage made by an elevated intellect, spirit, art in every form of expression, handicraft, constructions, discoveries and so on, that’s an amazing part of our heritage, but we have as well: wars, persecution, intolerance, pollution and so on.

This is it. Sketchy.

We can’t condition past actions, we can express our resentment which is legit, but it cannot come along alone. Feel a sense of commitment in living instead of heaviness, could be a good approach to be aware of our actions.

We could still commit something which will hurt someone or the planet but being aware is the key to approach life in a more caring way.
Caring for ourselves, caring for other people, caring for the planet.
I’m used to tell this to myself.


Marucelliana Library in Florence – September, 2016


reading “The Odyssey by Homer” with my dad on the couch at home by the fireplace – December, 2016

Books. Incredible instrument to be and to do almost anything.

You can transcend time: back and forward.
You can transcend your identity: being someone else, no one or your true self.
You can document yourself in something you would ever come to know about otherwise.
You can enjoy and relish some of the most refined expression of emotions and sentiments.

Words penetrate our mind, our skin, our emotions and becomes a little piece of us.

Books are our legacy too.

As human beings we share the words of our ancestors under our skin, in our veins. We may never know all the words written by them, but we own those words, as a continuation of their lives.

Books are my legacy. Because of the love which my dad taught me to have for them.

my grandfather vegetable garden a heritage he passed on to his sons  – April, 2017

Nature. Soil. Earth.

Our roots, our foundation. Our origin. Our sustenance, our continuation.

Soil is our legacy too.

Soil is my legacy. Because of my father’s family tradition soil runs in my veins.


a little girl enchanted by “Women trees” by Paul Delvaux 1937

Art. Expression of intuition, expression of feelings and emotions. Expression of our soul.

Runs in our veins. It’s in our DNA. It is our legacy too. 

Art is my legacy. Because of the spell as if by magic puts on me since the very first moment and because of love which my father taught me to have for it.


my footprint – Maldives – March 2017

Footprints are what we leave behind: our actions and words, our legacy, our heritage. 

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