[WPC] Wanderlust

If I could ever type a list of few words to describe myself, Wanderlust should be on the top of it!

When I was a little girl I remember the first time I heard about “previous life” experiences, even though I didn’t comprehend deeply the concept, my first tought was: “oh I’m sure I was an explorer and I loved it, that’s why I really miss it!

I grew up and wanderlust with me.

When I finally get the chance to travel I felt like a really important part of me finally was getting to the surface.

I discovered that as much as you feel free when you’re home, there is nothing like travelling. More specifically solo travel.
When we are in a confined, known, environment, we often fulfill a role, whether a social-family role or a professional one.
When your flight take off, you leave behind some of these mental processes which entrap you in a cage made by “should or should not” referred to yourself and to others.
It seems like with a plane flight all this just fade away.
It could be the speed or the clouds. But still they grab all your nonsense and free your soul, just to let them rain again on who remain.

When you land, you discover a new world. Literally. With new eyes. Purify.

Open to see: something new, something different.
Open to get to know.
Open to understand.
Open to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

The fact that you put your self in the position to leave the known for the unknown, means that your mind and your heart are open. Open to.

This is what “travel” represents for me in words. The photos which more than others represents travel to me all come from my first solo travel, because to me it was the most significant of all. My dream. My journey.


State Highway 94 – Milford Sound – New Zealand

New roads. Possibility. Discovery. Wanderlust.


Rangikapiti Pa Historic Reserve – Coopers Beach – New Zealand

Unplanned stops. Possibility. Discovery. Wanderlust.


a painting in a bar in Matamata – Waikato – New Zealand

Enjoy every step. Destination doesn’t count. Possibility. Discovery. Wanderlust.

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