Why didn’t anyone gave me an instruction manual?!

A while ago, I discovered myself as “mostly unaware” of how basic functions in my body worked, mostly neglecting their purpose or relevance. I realized I’ve spent some time driving this body without having any idea how it works!

I was almost disappointed by this revelation and my thought was: “There should be like a sort of “instruction manual” which everyone is supposed to learn!

Quite frankly I felt something was missing. I spent many time to learn different topics, which are still amazing but, like when you take your gaze far away, you can miss what’s right near by you, I felt in a way, I was missing me.. “anatomically speaking”!

Since I was acknowledged by my lacks, it begin to become an interest to discover how this vehicle runs.

I try to understand and discover increasingly this wonderful universe, taking some notes, fix it in this “repository” and hopefully even organize it.

Sì come il mangiare senza voglia fia dannoso alla salute, così lo studio senza desiderio guasta la memoria e non ritien cosa che la pigli”  (original language)

“Like eat without desire is damaging for health, thus study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in”  

― quote by Leonardo da Vinci


picture taken from Vitruvian Man‘s page on Wikipedia

Stay logged, more is coming!

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