[WPC] against the odds: life!

I’ve always been intrigued by the Weekly Photo Challenge it’s a very productive way to distract me from my own point of view and to boost my sight starting from looking from a different prospective, which could be better or simply could give me more to understand better what I’m looking at. I’ve seen so many good other point of view and I care to add mine too…

No doubt crossed my mind when I though about what “against the odds” was linked for me: to life.

Life is one the most incredible thing, it has accompanied humans, animals, nature, space and everything we know from when we started to even have the power of conceive a knowing or a thought!

There are so many ways in which life could be celebrated but to me the point right now is to celebrate some episodes which have made me thing this sentence “against the odds there is life” which is more powerful than anything.

A while back, I was cleaning my house, it was a bit since a proper dusting, so I found myself on the higher shelf to clean some little trophy I won as a child.
Inside the cup of one trophy, there was a tiny “gecko” (about 1 centimeter without the tail). He (yeah, I don’t know if it was male or female, I just like to refer to the gecko as it was a “he”) was probably stuck inside the cup which was really smooth once inside.
I took the cup and I brought it in my terrace, near by some plants, when I noticed the gecko was really motionless and dehydrated like he was stone-faced.
I realized he probably was trapped for too long inside the trophy and he was dead. Even if I tried to delicately move him, he didn’t.
But I couldn’t accept the fact he was dead, just because something was still saying me to not give up…and even if he was clearly dead, I figured out a good “first aid” manoeuvre could have been to re-hydrated him with some water and the magic happened: he started to drink and slowly came back to life!

Since I don’t have pics of him but just this video while he was drinking, I would like to accompany this post to a symbolic pic I took a while back to the magic element which, against the odds took him back to life: water


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