Why blogging instead of keeping it private?

Honestly mainly this is a selfish action.

I’m a curious and when something triggers me, I usually love to dive in and dig it! Hopefully, and here where lays the part I enjoy the most, that “something” starts to become an interactive part of me.

I have to keep myself on the trail though and I need to give a form to all this digging which, appears to have indeed some hidden pattern that will lead to a common illustration. I figured out a blog could help unite dots and show the drawing!

There is also a less-selfish action…

While digging I found frequently myself asking if it could be possible that someone else too was hit on the same topics, if so I would have gladly shared!

Here some ideas on these “dots“:


and even if I have been “deliberately vague” to get together the most of what is crossing in mind, I’m pretty sure something is missing!

A blog could easily connect people with the same interests, that’s another reason to not stay put.

Who is triggered by the same topics is more than welcome to share and participate, different points of view will just enrich us so, the more the merrier!

So here my aim: being actively involved in sharing these dots which eventually could lead us to see even a painting, otherwise we just spent some time together digging, which could be fun!

All that is not given is lost

quote by Rabíndranáth Thákhur (aka Rabindranath Tagore)

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